Jasmine + Lasse

It was great to start the wedding photography season with the wedding of Jasmine and Lasse who traveled from Portland and had their wedding in our beautiful Trondheim, the homeplace of Lasse. This amazing couple were so happy and radiant that no amount of snow, rain or cold would have dampened the mood.

The ceremony took place at Lademoen kirke in Trondheim and we photographed the couple at Bakklandet, Gamle bybro, Krosvika, Sponhuset, and Dromedar cafe (bakklandet). Special thanks to the guests that were always kind and helpful, and especially to the Erin and Einar.

We would like to congratulate Jasmine and Lasse once more and to say that not only we enjoyed every moment of this wedding but also we feel that we have two new friends. We are looking forward to meet you again in your next trip to Trondheim.

gamle bybro trondheim

bakklandet bryllup
gamle bybro

lademoen kirke bryllup

bryllupsfotograf trondheim
bryllup trondheim


bryllupsfotograf trondheim


bryllup korsvika

dromedar cafe